What We Are Asking the Petaluma City Schools District (PCSD) to Do

To stop irradiating everyone on and near PCSD school campuses and implement the simple solutions, described below.

To Comply with CA Education Code

We ask that the PCSD comply with California Education Code Sections 32060, 32061, 32062 & 32064 that says that schools cannot place toxic materials in K-6 classrooms and specifically mentions the International Agency for Research on Cancer as an authority for what is a toxic material. Since the PCSD’s own policies require compliance with CA State laws that protect student and teacher health, we ask that the PCSD power off all Wirless Access Points (WAPs) in K-6 Classrooms when students are present on PCSD campuses and to hardwire internet access for the iPads, Chromebooks, laptops and other wireless devices used on PCSD K-6 school campuses.

To comply with the Williams Standards for Classroom Safety

We ask that the PCSD comply with the Williams standards for classroom safety, as stated on the CA Department of Education’s website. We ask that the PCSD value the safety of PCSD students and teachers by powering off all Wirless Access Points (WAPs) in 7-12 Classrooms when students are present on PCSD campuses and to hardwire internet access for the iPads, Chromebooks, laptops and other wireless devices used on PCSD 7-12 school campuses.

To Revise the 2013-2018 Technology Plan

We ask that the PCSD add a student health and safety section to the 2013-2018 technology plan to ensure that the PCSD trains all teachers, students and parents on iPad procedures to reduce RF/EMF microwave radiation exposures: the plan needs to direct students to do the following:

  • Turn Airplane-Mode on, which turns off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas
  • Turn Privacy --> Locations Services off, which turns off the GPS antennas
  • Place iPads on desks or tables at all times and never in students laps
  • Place the iPads no closer than 24” to students' heads or bodies
  • Power down iPads so that they are completely off (not just in sleep mode), when the iPads are not in use.

To Recognize Parents' Rights to Opt Out

We ask that the PCSD acknowledge parents’ right to opt out of PCSD’s one-to-one iPad program. CA law already gives parents the right to opt out of the current wireless Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium testing scheme by writing a letter to their child’s school Principal. Parents have a similar right to opt out of the PCSD’s one-to-one iPad program because of the State of California has already recognized the classrooms hazards resulting from the use of wireless equipment -- similar to PCSD’s current use and configuration of WAPS and iPads -- by granting accommodations to 20+ teachers and students in the LA Unified School District to turn off WAPs and wireless devices that affect their classrooms. We also ask that the PCSD provide students that opt out of PCSD’s one-to-one iPad program alternate access to educational content and to provide these students with adequate supervision and meaningful, age-appropriate educational activities, while the students are opting out.

To Train PCSD Teachers & Nurses to Recognize the Common Symptoms of Microwave Radiation Sickness

We ask that the PCSD contract with a qualified physician with sufficient expertise and training, such as pediatrician Dr. Toril Jelter, 925-935-5425, to train teachers and nurses to recognize the most common symptoms of microwave radiation sickness: runny nose/increased mucus flow, stomach ache, headache, thought processing difficulties, memory impairment, heart palpitations, sleep problems, general malaise, blurred vision, weakness, dizziness, chest discomfort, muscle pain, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), fatigue, nausea, night sweats, restless legs and numbness or tingling. Another key factor is that the symptoms change with location and EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure, often improving outdoors. This training is necessary so that any affected child can be identified quickly and given the opportunity to protect herself from further exposure to RF/EMF microwave radiation.

To Hardwire PCSD Schools for 2016-2017

We ask the PCSD to hardwire internet access in at least one PCSD elementary school and at least one PCSD Junior High school for the 2016-2017 school year and on-going. We also ask the PCSD to hardwire internet access in at least one high school for the 2017-2018 school year and on-going. This means turning off all WAPS at these schools when students are on campus and providing hardwired internet access for all iPads, Chromebooks, laptops and any other network-connected equipment in these schools. The following additional USB-to-Ethernet adapters will need to be ordered:

This Youtube video called How To Use an Ethernet Cable with iPad shows you how to easily hardwire iPads and iPhones.

About Us

Responsible IPad Use in Classrooms
is a group of Petaluma, CA parents who stand for using school-issued iPads with:

  • Hardwired Internet
  • Airplane-Mode On
  • Parental Consent

We support technology that is configured and used in ways that protect our children on Petaluma's K-12 school campuses — and at home.